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Technics x DJ Kentaro

Technics x DJ Kentaro 50th year anniversary video is finally posted!

It has been almost 9 months since we have started planning and making this art piece, a video with the team! The video shows it's history and all the great memories with... And it's finally out! There are so many behind the scene stories thru out this project, we will tell you bits later!!

First of all, congratulations to Technics 50th year anniversary!

Here is a behind the scene clip for you guys!

Kentaro has brand new materials coming up real soon after this, new releases and such associated with this project, please sit tight and we will notify you as soon as possible, however some sneak peak and shit as below!

Tune : Matsuri

Artist : DJ Kentaro & DJ Ride

Release date : 11th April, 2022

Platform : Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp and all the streaming services!

Label : Endeavor Family Recs

Artwork : Kensuke Takahashi

Vinyl : Matsuri Breaks (Technics 50th year anniversary breaks)

Artist : DJ Kentaro & DJ Ride

Release date : TBA

Artwork : Kensuke Takahashi

Matsuri World Tour 2022 by DJ Kentaro is in the process of planning! Festivals and promoters from all over the world who are keen, please hit us up!!

For those who are wondering, This tune that's being used in this clip, it is in the plan of releasing as well by DJ Kentaro & DJ Ride. Have you guys checked DJ Ride's production? He has some crazy stuff!!

You saw this as well? This beat is also from up-coming Matsuri Breaks Vinyl as well.

This one also produced by DJ Kentaro.

I hope you guys are watching Boiler Room tonight! They revealed Kentaro x Technics video in the beginning of the show for the first time to the world! It's 50 years of SL-1200 at Boiler Room right now! 7 hours of quality music by legends from all over the world! From London, Miami, Berlin, Antwerp and Tokyo! It felt like Technics is uniting the world, not to mention today’s world circumstances, it was a true lovely moment!! Music unites the world!

Check out Boiler Room

Please go visit their official Technics site for more infos! They have Kentaro's VR video up as well for those who are interested in how he does all the scratching!


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