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Phrakanong album is set to release on 24th May worldwide with an event with DJ KENTARO!!

PHRAKANONG Album track list is finally here and the whole album will be dropped on 24th May, 2019 world wide guys! Check this out. (More infos on )

Title : PHRAKANONG  Artist : Various Artists Label : Goja Records Release date : 24 May, 2019 Songs : 13 songs

1. Kaonyao Mamuang / DJ TO-RU 2. Kieow Choo Pern (Hashish Panda Edit) / The Dude of Stratosphear 3. Desire to be free / Ramin  4. Lam plern / Broken K7 & Space Telexxx 5. Floatin’ / Target C 6. Dicta 2 / Takeshi Fuwa 7. Chai / DJ Yasa 8. Gojamaze Unity / Yoshizawa aka DJ TO-RU featuring U-Key 9. Phrakanong / KEIZOmachine! featuring DJ Kentaro & MC Peace 10. One for GOJA / Ean & Jon1st  11. Give or take / Tha Trickaz  12. Reiwa Gannen / DJ Kentaro, Douchka & DJ Yuto 13. Toysemble / Oliveoil 

(*Artwork by TRK, Tabun, Kaoru Konagai, Maharo, Sandy Chuchat, Sadam Yoshizawa, Dee Sweet Drug, Alex Osmoze Brakha, Wok22, Tusk and whole project curated by Hiloya Asari).

PHRAKANONG ALBUM LAUNCH PARTY featuring BIG UP THURSDAY! is scheduled on 24th MAY with a special guest from JAPAN, DJ KENTARO!!!

The party is on 24th May and please mark your calendar from now! We have a special guest from Japan, “DJ Kentaro” to hype up this release party event that will be held at GOJA Gallery Cafe Thailand on 24th May!!! Please bring your friends as well!

“Phrakanong” album release party

"Phrakanong album launch party featuring Bigup! Thursday"

Date : 24th May (Fri), 2019

Place : GOJA Gallery Cafe

Special guest : DJ KENTARO (check out his Instagram, currently touring in Europe!!)

Artists : U-KEY and DJ TO-RU and more!

(↓Click the image below to see DJ Kentaro’s new video clip)


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