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Yokagura EP drops.

World champion turntablist DJ KENTARO “Yokagura EP” will be released soon!

Check out the powerful illustrations by KENSUKE TAKAHASHI, who is in charge of the artwork!

Single song “Yokagura” (DJ Kentaro + DJ Ride) and Scratch tools are included on the A side! The B-side includes new song called “World’s first party” and Scratch tools 1 and 2!

7-inch vinyl will be released and digital streaming starting on November 1st!

The “Yokagura EP” release event will be held in Takachiho, Miyazaki Prefecture on November 26th! (info tba)

Collaboration video is now available!

Recently, Japan has been booming with fighting content such as RIZIN and Mikuru Asakura's Breaking Down. The long-established fighting brand "Fairtex" and the song Yokagura have completed a tie-up clip!

(Fairtex x Yokagura)

“Yokagura EP”, produced by DJ KENTARO and DJ RIDE, actually recorded and sampled the actual voices and instrument sounds of Miyazaki Takachiho Yokagura members and used them in the song.

The world's first all-night event brings together gods from all over the world as a theme, with a grand and deep world view and thrilling dance music, as if it were a video of the invisible 800 years ago. We created a new beat by sampling images, kagura music, flutes, drums, and shouts.

“I imagined the myth that the world's first music event was held in Takachiho, and I thought it would be interesting to set it in Japan. I was very attracted to the concept of dance that dwells in the Japanese soul, and I was able to get involved.” DJ KENTARO


The song is reminiscent of dancing night of Kagura, and the location is Takachiho. It is a wonderful piece of work we must say. We look forward to seeing you!

■Track list / 7 inch record


1. Yokagura

2. Yokagura Scratch tools


1. World’s first party

2. World’s first party Scratch tools 1

3. World’s first party Scratch tools 2

Artist: DJ Kentaro & DJ Ride

Label: Endeavor Family Recs

Art work by Kensuke Takahashi

Mastering: Subvert Mastering, UK

Vinyl cutting factory: Toyo Kasei

Special thanks to Master of Life/Arcadia/Ultra Vybe

▼ Yokagura release is in the middle of a tour!

DJ Kentaro 20th anniversary tour

Japan and World

10/21 Brightness Festival(Kanagawa)

10/26 Golden Factory(Enter, Shibuya)

11/3 DMC World Final(San Francisco)

11/10 Beijing

11/11 Changsha

11/17 Shenzhen

11/18 Chengdu

11/25 Omofes(Miyazaki)

11/26 Night Kagura Dance (Takachiho)

12/1 Golden Factory(Enter, Shibuya)

12/15 Japan TBA

Jan 2024 South America (Argentina, Brazil)

More dates are confirming soon! Anybooking inquiries are welcomed! DM us!

More infos

Exclusive release event will be held in Takachiho Miyazaki Japan on 26th Nov for limited tickets only!


DJ Kentaro, DJ Ride(Lisboa), Kensuke Takahashi, Yoshie, Katsuya, Kento and more!

More infos:

Kentaro and Team DMC Japan will be heading to San Francisco on 3rd Nov.

We have to cheer the team Japan and are very much looking forward to seeing those guest acts etc! Celebrating 50 years of Hip Hop in the US will be something special.

Event infos

"Golden Factory" At Enter Shibuya 10/26 (Thu) 2023 DOOR:1500yen WF/UNDER23/BEFORE11pm:1000yen DJ's DJ Kentaro DJ Rina (3style champion) Tommy P Nuts (IDA World Champ from UK) Daratro Gramove Mazlika Tina Rosy Endeavor and Osmoze Production


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