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Matsuri finally drops!

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

DJ Kentaro & DJ Ride - Matsuri

Release date : 2022.4.11 / EDVR9001

During the Covid-19 lockdown, DJ Kentaro was involved in this “Sake Brewery project”, making Sake bottle with his unique way which to make music for Sake.

This time, "Doburoku Sake” is a special Sake bottle that is rare in the world and is processed by "sound fermentation" from preparation to completion. Mori(brewer) also said, "Doburoku is the same as a living thing, like as If people listen to comfortable music, the fungus will make good sake," expecting the change in fermentation by sound.

To let Doburoku listen to music during the fermentation period from the preparation, and for this time, turntablist DJ KENTARO has written "Matsuri by DJ Kentaro & DJ Ride".

Dance music that shows a magnificent and deep world view and thrilling development as if the invisible fermented world was visualized.

"I was first surprised by the idea of ​​making sake with music, so to speak, to have Sake listen to music during fermentation. I am very attracted to the concept of letting the soul dwell in Doburoku, and I am happy to be involved." says DJ Kentaro.

Tune: Matsuri

Artist: DJ Kentaro & DJ Ride

Label: Endeavor Family Recs

Release date: 11th April, 2022

Art work by Kensuke Takahashi

Special thanks to Master of Life/Arcadia

Please check DJ Ride's Bandcamp

DJ Ride's Soundcloud

Kensuke Takahashi's Instagram

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