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GOJA Records launching with an EP called "PHRAKANONG EP"!!!

It is finally time for GOJA to open a new chapter….

It has been 5 years since GOJA has started and with our 5th year anniversary, we are proud to be announcing the launch of our music label called “GOJA Records”. GOJA Records will mainly be managed by our very best Producer DJ TO-RU and Art Director Hiloya Asari. With this exciting launch, we will be releasing an EP called “Phrakanong EP” on 22nd March, 2019 worldwide! It’s no surprise that the first EP is titled “Phrakanong” - it’s a neighbourhood in Bangkok where GOJA was initially born 5 years ago and still making history till this day. We would like to show our gratitude to our neighbourhood for the past, present, and future by releasing an EP titled “Phrakanong” as our very 1st release of the label. Phrakanong EP will include KEIZOmachine! from HIFANA, DJ Kentaro, MC PEACE from BANG SUE ELECTRIX, DJ Yasa (ex. Kireek / DMC 5 times Team World Champion) and DJ TO-RU. What’s more - there will be a “Phrakanong” full album scheduled to be released in May 2019 as well so watch out !


タイはバンコクにギャラリーを構えて早5年。GOJA Gallery Cafeが5周年を祭して新しい船出を迎える。この度、GOJA Recordsという音楽レーベルをGOJAヘッドクオーターでおなじみ、Producer DJ TO-RU, Art Director HILOYA ASARIとで立ち上げることが決定!レーベルローンチにあたりその名も”Pharakanong EP”を3/22に全世界リリースする!! EPタイトルのPhrakanongとはGOJAがある街(駅)の名前。その地元Phrakanongへ今日までの5年間への感謝の意を込め、これからのPhrakanong、未来へ一緒に進んでいくタイ、地元を盛り上げて行きたい、そんな素直な気持ちからこのタイトルとなった。

EPをリリース後には、アルバム発表(5月リリース予定!!!)へと進んで行く!今回のPhrakanong EPにはGOJAにゆかりのあるアーティストが参加している。KEIZOmachine! from HIFANA、DJ KENTARO、MC PEACE from BANG SUE ELECTRIX、DJ YASA (ex. Kireek / DMC 5 times Team World Champion) and DJ TO-RUと豪華ラインナップ!乞うご期待だ!

“Phrakanong EP”

Label : GOJA Records

Release date : 3/22/2019

Territory : World wide

Track list:  1. Kao Niew Ma Muang / ข้าวเหนียวมะม่วง Fresh Mango Served with Sticky Rice Drizzled with Coconut Milk / DJ TO-RU 

2. Phrakanong / KEIZOmachine! from HIFANA feat. DJ KENTARO & MC PEACE from Bang Sue Electrix

3. Chai / DJ YASA

(Artwork by Hiloya Asari)

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