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DJ Kentaro : New tune on Ninja Tune's "NTPM300"

Ninja Tune’s award-winning production music library is unveiling an album that sees established artists from the Ninja Tune roster and beyond, remix standout tracks from across the NTPM catalogue, including those by the likes of Amon Tobin, Memblem and Swordman Kitala. The album demonstrates the library’s position as an independent and unique alternative to the mainstream and will be licensable on their website from 4th May.

NTPM, launched 5 years ago, has become one of the UK’s premier production music libraries and has secured multiple placements in TV, Film, Advertising and Computer Gaming in all major territories. The catalogue has over 3500 tracks and music can be licensed via the PRS/MCPS on their rate card.

Of the album, Senior Producer Cam Fyall says: “The album has been a lot of fun to put together and, as we handpicked tunes for remixers to choose from, was a great excuse to explore the variety we have on the catalogue. It has also displayed some of the ways in which NTPM is uniquely placed to push the boundaries of what a production music library can do.”

NTPM Founder Martin Dobson adds: “When starting NTPM we wanted to show that the link between production music and commercial artists is becoming smaller and smaller. We started by releasing library albums produced solely by commercial artists, including Coldcut, Amon Tobin, Machindrum, Maxim, Femme and Reeps One to name but a few. NTPM300, as well as a celebration, is the next step and has resulted in a string of solid and highly enjoyable collaborations between those commercial artists you know and love and the talented, often anonymous library writers who we hope you look out for in the future.”

Tracklist: 1. Is That It (Mr Scruff Remix) – Hank Saunders, Tylynn 2. Expensive Gas – Jammer, AS.IF KID 3. Care (Zero 7 Remix) – Memblem, Byulah 4. Magic Tigers Trapped In Hollywood Time Machine (Forest Swords Remix) – Amon Tobin 5. Kimbalagala (Marie Davidson Remix) – Swordman Kitala, TomBlip 6. Rise (Working Men’s Club Remix) – Chaz Thorogood

7. Giants (The Qemists Remix) – All Good Folks

8. Take It Or Leave It (DJ Kentaro, DJ Ride Remix) – Terence Richard, Miles Lianson 9. Acrylic (Daedelus Remix) – Tropics 10. Dust Til Dawn (Kid Koala Remix) – I Am The North 11. Brass Skank (DJ Food Remix) – Jim Hustwit 12. Play The Game (Coldcut Remix) – Qemists Scores, Isla Moony


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