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Turntable Orchestra

A turntable and a dream are all it takes to make some history-defining magic; magic that comes in the form of 30 award-winning and world-class DJs coming together to produce the very first turntable orchestra. Armed with decks, mixers, and one sample per DJ, The Philharmonic Turntable Orchestra reimagined Felix Mendelssohn's 1948 record, “Violin Concerto in E Minor,” the very first 12" LP ever released.

Incredible in itself, EARMILK reached out to Tokyo's DJ Sarasa, one of the 30 turntablists involved in the project, to get a better idea of how a full-scale turntable orchestra comes together.

Sarasa, who got her musical start as a teenager collecting records to practice breaking, first got involved with the orchestra through her relationship with DJ Kentaro, the first Asian DMC World Champion of 2002. Through a connection with his manager, Kotaro, Sarasa was tapped to jump into the orchestra project and go down in history. Of course, she said yes.

“Kotaro hit me up saying they would like me to be a part of this turntable orchestra to celebrate the revival of the Technics-1200s series,” she recalls. “My role was the triangle, and the female choir voice at the climax, as well as any bell sounds along the song.”



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